John Herringer's graphic design, 3D, photography, videography, illustration, interactive and motion graphics multimedia portfolio works.


Tortillion stick, Charcoal, Sketch pad and Kneaded Eraser


Tortillion stick, Charcoal, Sketch pad and Kneaded Eraser

My Illustrations span across multiple medias starting as an idea. I usually then go and start to sketch out various possibilities and see where I can go from there. My only limitations are what I set for myself at a given time and date.

Photography / Videography

Photo of a video camra

I studied traditional Photography in high school and then in college. This led me eventually into digital photography where I now reside. Having studied the early traditional methods definitely helps me to get a full understanding of photography even in the modern age using apps such as Photoshop.


Grace Reformed Baptist Church card

I began by re-creating Identities for Macy's signage as a visual merchandiser, both by hand and then later digitally. Then, I started creating identities for myself and re-creating for others on the side before moving into multimedia full-time.

Interactive Design

Grace Reformed Baptist Church card

The potential for Interactive Design is something I saw during my early days as an illustration major at FIT. The webpages were very bland and laid out in an unorganized and unappealing fashion. Pages were obviously not designed by designers and fell far short of their print counterparts.

Three Dimensional Design

Grace Reformed Baptist Church card

As a young artist, I never had any appreciation for Three Dimensional Design. Later, after I discovered the difficult and detailed process an artist goes through to create the works, as well as, seeing how the quality of the work had improved, I grew a great appreciation and desire to do it myself.